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Q:  Where can EVERLIGHT product catalogs and specifications be found?

A:  Under the Online Catalogs tab.

Q:  Where are EVERLIGHT factories located?

A:  EVERLIGHT has factories located in Miao-Li and New Taipei City, Taiwan; Suzhou and Zhong-Shan, China.

Q:  What is the conformity status of international Pb-free specification? 

A:  All EVERLIGHT products comply with EU RoHS Pb-free and Hg-free requirements.

Q: What are Pb-Free and Hg-Free specifications requirements?

A: According to relevant regulatory requirements of EU RoHS (2011/65/EU), when lead (mercury) contained in homogeneous material is less than 0.1% (1000ppm) percentage of material weight, it is deemed as Pb-free or Hg-free product.

Q: How is Halogen-Free product specified?

A: Halogen free is determined according to IEC61249-2-21 international standards. I.e. total chlorine (CL) and bromine (Br) contained in homogeneous material should be less than 900ppm, and the sum of total CL and Br should be less than 1500ppm. 

Q: Are these parts RoHS compliant?

A: Yes, EVERLIGHT products are RoHS compliant.

Q:  Are RoHS/ REACH relevant certificates available?

A: Yes RoHS/ REACH certificates are availabe. Type of product marked in the report represents it is not only applicable to particular product but the whole series.

Q:  What quality certificate has been issued to EVERLIGHT?

A: EVERLIGHT has obtained various certificates such as quality, environment, safety, hygiene, hazard substance-free and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Q: How can I acquire samples of this part?

A: By registering on the Everlight E-Commerce website and ordering your parts.

Q: Where is Everlight E-Commerce located?

A: Headquarters is in Carrollton, TX and we also have an office in Ontario, California.

Q: Why is there a hold on my credit/debit card?

A: It is just a pre-authorization hold on your debit/credit card to make sure you have enough funds to cover the transaction. The total will be corrected once it is processed.