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Part Number: ALS-DPDIC17-78C/L653/TR8

Digital Sensor - SMD - I2C Output

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    This is a light-to-digital converter that transforms light intensity to a digital signal output capable of
    I2C interface. It is an advanced ambient light sensor with excellent temperature compensation designed by CMOS
    process. Each device combines one broadband photodiode (visible plus infrared), one infrared-responding
    photodiode, amplifiers, and digital circuits in a single chip. Two integrating ADCs convert the photodiode currents to a
    digital output that represents the irradiance measured on each channel with 16-bits resolution. This digital output can
    be connect to a micro-controller where illumination (ambient light level) in lux is derived using an empirical formula to
    approximate the human eye response. This device supports several interrupt features that can be
    used in many different applications.

    Good low light sensitivity
    Excellent infrared immunity
    Good output linearity across light intensity
    Automatically rejects 50/60-Hz lighting ripple
    Spectral response close to the human eye? response
    Precisely measures illumination in diverse lighting conditions
    Programmable interrupt function with user-defined upper and lower threshold settings
    16bits digital output with I2C (standard-mode and fast-mode, up to 400 KHz)
    Excellent temperature compensation: -40 to 85?
    Size : 2.0mm(L)*2.0mm(W)*0.63mm(H)
    The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version
    Compliance with EU REACH
    Compliance Halogen Free(Br < 900ppm, Cl < 900ppm, Br+Cl < 1500ppm)

    Vehicle, Security, Camcorder, TFT LCD, Note Book, PDA, Mobile Phone,
    Smart Phone.

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    Type15 Bit ADC
    Peak Wavelength500nm
    Max. Dark Current / Count3 count
    Min. Supply Voltage-0.5V
    Max. Supply Voltage3.6V
    Min. Operating Temp.-40C
    Max. Operating Temp.85C
    PackagingTape & Reel
    Min. Storage Temp.-40C
    Max. Storage Temp.100C

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