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Analog Sensor - SMD

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    This product is a low cost ambient light sensor, consisting of phototransistor in miniature SMD. Everlight
    ALS series products are a good effective solution to the power saving of display backlighting of mobile
    appliances, such as the mobile phones, NB and PDAs. Due to the high rejection ratio of infrared radiation, the spectral
    response of the ambient light sensor is close to that of human eyes.

    Close responsively to the human eye spectrum
    Light to Current, analog output
    Good output linearity across wide illumination range
    Low sensitivity variation across various light sources
    Guaranteed temperature performance, -40?to 85?
    Wide supply voltage range, 2.5V to 5.5V
    Size : 2.0mm(L)*1.25mm(W)*0.8mm(H)
    RoHS compliant and Pb Free package
    Compliance with EU REACH.

    Detection of ambient light to control display backlighting
    Mobile devices – mobile phones, PDAs
    Computing device – TFT LCD monitor for Notebook computer
    Consumer device – TFT LCD TV, plasma TV, video camera, digital camera, toys
    Automatic residential and commercial management
    Automatic contrast enhancement for electronic signboard
    Ambient light monitoring device for daylight and artificial light
    Street light, CCD/CCTV

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    Min. Dominant Wavelength390nm
    Max. Dominant Wavelength700nm
    Peak Wavelength630nm
    Max. Dark Current / Count100nA
    Min. Supply Voltage2.5V
    Max. Supply Voltage5.5V
    Min. Operating Temp.-40C
    Max. Operating Temp.85C
    PackagingTape & Reel
    Min. Storage Temp.-40C
    Max. Storage Temp.100C

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